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Pelvic Health
Physical Therapy

At Sana, we treat a variety of pelvic floor disorders with a balanced, holistic and functional approach. We realize that we are also orthopedic practitioners and know that the best way to approach pelvic dysfunction is by taking a look at the big picture.

On your first visit your Pelvic Health physical therapist will perform an evaluation consisting of the following: a thorough history of your condition, a discussion of your medical history, a screening of the musculoskeletal system, a postural and functional assessment, an assessment of the pelvic floor, and likely an in-depth examination of the lumbar, hip sacroiliac, thoracic and abdominal regions. Together you and your therapist will develop the best treatment plan for you and your specific condition.


Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have advanced training in working with women throughout their lifespan. From individuals in their teens through menopause, we understand what your body is going through and will build a plan specific to you. We also will partner with you and help you with your pelvic health needs–pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

Pelvic & Abdominal Pain

We help women dealing with pelvic pain, including pain in the abdomen, low back, SI joints, pubic bone, tailbone and genitals. Pelvic pain can be linked to other diagnoses like endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, or vulvodynia, or may happen without a known association.

Bowel Dysfunction

We help women experiencing bowel problems like constipation, difficulty emptying stool, bowel urgency or bowel leakage. We also help with postpartum bowel challenges and bowel changes related to hormonal changes during menopause.

Pelvic Organ Prolaspe

We help women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse (ie cystocele, rectocele, uterine or vaginal vault prolapse) improve their symptoms and optimize their pelvic floor and abdominal muscle function. We also help women who are undergoing surgery for prolapse, both prior to and after their procedures.

Postpartum Recovery

We help people heal and recover after birth– whether birth is vaginal or Cesarean, and whether it was 4 weeks ago, 4 months ago, or 24 years ago. Challenges like painful scars, bladder or bowel difficulties, clogged ducts, and diastasis rectus abdominis can occur after birth. A custom treatment program can optimize abdominal and pelvic health and prevent problems in the future.

Bladder Dysfunction

We love helping the 30-50% of women who experience bladder leakage at some point in their lives. The pelvic floor muscles can often be involved in this as well as other challenges we treat like voiding dysfunction, bladder urgency and frequency, and difficulty emptying the bladder.

Sexual Pain & Dysfunction

We help women experiencing challenges related to their sexual health. Nearly 20% of women experience painful sex (dyspareunia). We also help women overcome problems like vaginismus, and vulvodynia/vestibulodynia.

Prenatal Care & Birth Preparation

We treat pregnant individuals experiencing pelvic girdle pain, low back and SI pain, pubic joint pain, and other common difficulties. While these problems happen frequently, they are often very easily treatable. We also help people build healthy exercise patterns during pregnancy, optimize their pelvic floor function, and learn strategies to prepare for birth.

Conditions We Treat:

What to Expect:

When you arrive at our practice, you’ll be greeted and quickly taken back to a private treatment room where you’ll meet with your provider one-on-one, for an hour-long session. Our providers will recommend an examination and treatment approach for you that will be based on current research and best practice guidelines. As you progress in your care, your provider will work with you to build a program you can sustain, so your problems stay in your past, not recurring in the future. All physical therapy sessions are one-on-one and ~50 minutes in duration.



Coverage & Cost:

We accept insurance for physical therapy. We are in-network with certain insurance plans and out-of-network with others. Deductibles, Co-pays and Co-insurance vary according to plan coverage — we are happy to find out what your particular plan covers. Your financial responsibility will be discussed with you prior to your first visit.

You will need to fill out some paperwork before we get started. We will email this to you or you can arrive a few minutes early to complete it. You may also fill out our intake forms online here:



Please bring the following with you:

  • Your prescription for physical therapy if you have one

  • Your ID

  • Your insurance cards

  • Form of payment

  • Any imaging or other studies that you would like to share with your Physical Therapist

  • Medicare patients - please bring with you a complete list of all medications currently taking (drug, dosage, frequency, route)

  • If you have not completed your intake online, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete new patient paperwork

  • Your calendar so you can make follow up appointments

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