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So...What's a pilates chair???

The pilates chair is one of the many apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented as a way to implement his training technique. He actually sold the chair to clients as a home exercise piece that could turn into an actual chair to sit on for small NYC apartments. Today, the pilates chair is found in most pilates studios. It consists of a "chair" seat top with a spring loaded peddle attached to the base. It may or may not have handles for added assistance.

The chair is considered to be the most challenging of the pilates apparatus. It is highly effective for building strength through the shoulders and legs which is perfect for runners and athletes. Exercises can be done in many different positions from standing to sitting or side-lying. I especially like the chair for standing lunges and step ups as a way to identify hip and lower leg muscular imbalances.

To experience the pilates chair book a private or group session with Brynn Patterson at Southtowns Pilates in the village of East Aurora next to the famous Roycroft Campus.

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